poleLong Pole (長棍), or Luk Dim Gwan(六點半棍法) Wing Tsun Dragon Pole

The diameter tapers from 35mm to 23mm.
Made of Solid IronBark hardwood which is recycled/aged. (Aged timber compacts over time and shrinks, giving it a great density, making it harder and more stable than new timber. It should be heavier and stronger than newer timber and still retain some flexibility).
Each pole is branded with our logo and ‘soaked’ in linseed oil for several weeks. They are supplied in a cardboard tube with end caps that may be kept for storage.
Lengths available: 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft.

Formally known as the "Six and A Half Point Pole". Training involves a lot of footwork, precision training and core body strength. Training improves the overall power and precision of technique. Training in the Long Pole delivers to the student further stance and projection energy/jing training and serves to further enhance and complement the skills already instilled within the student.
Long Pole uses:Sweeping, Striking, Slapping, Hooking, Thrusting and Stabbing

6ft: (1.8m)available by special order. Email us! $90 each
7ft: (2.1m)approx 1.7kg $120 each IN STOCK.
8ft: (2.4m)approx 1.8kg $130 each IN STOCK
9ft: (2.7m)approx 1.9kg $150 each IN STOCK.
10ft: (3.0m)approx 2.0kg $180 each IN STOCK.

*Weights of the finished poles will vary slightly. As poles are handmade from scarce aged timber, lengths may also vary slightly. Although we try to source the straightest of timbers, some poles may not be perfectly straight. We do recommend storing them flat rather than up against a wall, to prevent any bending of the timber.
*All prices inclusive of GST.

"Finally a high quality wing chun pole is available in Australia. For years I have been unable to find a wing chun pole made locally or source one from overseas at a reasonable price and so I was very excited to hear Tribal Dummies was going to start making them. I already have a high quality tribal dummy and so when I heard Lui was branching out into poles I immediately pre-ordered.
When I received the pole I immediately noticed that it was beautifully crafted - perfectly straight, well oiled and super smooth. Most importantly, the pole is the perfect length, weight and nicely tapered for wing chun, ensuring not only correct technique but excellent strength and power training.
This is simply the perfect pole for the wing chun practitioner."
I Luong, SA.

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